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Sports Specific Rehab
All physical therapy clinics are not created equal. At Compass Physical Therapy we address a variety of sports injuries with our sports specific rehab program. Our therapists use cutting-edge knowledge to identify postural imbalances and faulty movement patterns as well as treat injury. This unique approach to physical therapy recognizes the differences between each human body and how we are not created in perfect symmetry. We recognize patterns of dominance and kinetic chains that influence posture and performance.  

Compass Physical Therapy is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. To get you back in the game, we’ll teach YOU to improve alignment, symmetry, and connectedness in your body. We strive to restore proper function, relieve pain, and enhance your sport performance. Whatever your situation, we’ll work with you toward greater efficiency and results.  We’ll assist you in preventing future dysfunction, injury, and chronic pain that are commonly the result of overuse & imbalance.