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Postural Restoration

​Postural Restoration evolved as a study of human biomechanics. This revolutionary approach to healing is holistic and integrative. Clinically proven and evidence based, Postural Restoration provides tools to evaluate the underlying cause of pain, dysfunction and  slow recovery from trauma. Treatment using Postural Restoration therapeutic activities has produced dramatic relief from chronic as well as acute conditions. These therapeutic activities reposition the musculoskeletal system, correct movement imbalance and restore normal tone to muscles. This technique results in strong, efficient and balanced functional activity.  Postural Restoration empowers you to maintain your optimal health and vitality in daily life while helping you avoid injury.  

Myofascial Release

​Myofascial Relase is the treatment of musculoskeletal immobility and pain through the use of soft tissue therapy techniques.  It is gentle and consistently effective often relieving chronic pain when "traditional" therapies only provide temporary relief.  Injury, swelling and/or surgical intervention creates restrictions in the fascia that covers underlying muscles thus restricting motion and producing pain.  Myofascial release treats this pain and improves movement of the body. 

Kinesio Taping

​Kinesio Taping is a rehabilitative taping techinques that assists the body's natural healing process while providing stability to muscles and joints.  It does not restrict motion, rather works in concert with the body to promote natural alignment.  Worn over a series of days, Kinesio Tape provides soft tissue maniuplation to extend the benefits of manual therapy administered in the clinic.  This taping technique is popular among athletes giving sensory input to the body during activity, cueing proper kinesthetics.