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Pediatric Physical Therapy
Compass is a physical therapy clinic for all ages. We have a specialized pediatric wing just for our younger visitors. If your little one is newborn up to a year old, enjoy the comfort of our infant room just right for doing therapy with the younger child.
For the older child, we have a spacious gym equipped with everything your little one needs to develop necessary skills. Whether it is swinging, sliding or coloring a masterpiece our philosophy of therapeutic play has the ideal balance of therapy & fun.

Our skilled staff is highly trained in many areas of pediatric therapy. We ensure that our therapists are equipped with the latest techniques in order to provide your child the very best treatment available. We work with you, the parents, to understand the details of the diagnosis and develop an individualized treatment plan to get the best results.
​Seeing many patients who are on the Autism spectrum, Compass Physical Therapy proudly wears blue April 2nd to support our pediatric program as well as the parents and children who share their lives with us through pediatric physical therapy.  We treat the sensory components, strengthen, teach motor planning and body awareness to improve children's function in daily life at school, home and in the community.  
Some of the diagnoses we see are:

​Torticollis & Plagiocephaly
Cerebral Palsy
Sensory Integration
Developmental Delay
Orthopedic & Sports Related Injuries
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Autism Related Fine & Gross Motor Delays
Fine Motor and Handwriting Deficits
​Down Syndrome
Spina Bifida

  Pediatric physical therapy focuses on the whole child.  We believe that a "diagnosis" does not limit a child's ability to achieve the highest possible potential.  Work closely with the pediatric physical therapist to understand the course of treatment and establish individual goals for you and your child.
Free screenings available Monday - Friday.  Call for Appointment
If you have received a diagnosis for your child and are unsure what to do next, join us for a free screening to help you light the path for which services your child may need.  The screening includes speech therapy and pediatric developmental physical therapy.  Appointments are recommended.  Please call the office to schedule (256) 325-5400.
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