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Compass Physical Therapy and Legacy
Posted on July 13th, 2018

​Compass Physical Therapy is embarking on a new journey!  In August 2018, the company will be moving to a new location with an accompanying internal structural change.  The new location is 3825 Sullivan Street in Madison, AL and Compass Physical Therapy will occupy Suite 4 with a focus on developmental physical therapy primarily for ages 0-18 years old.  We have not forgotten our adult patients!  Long time employees, Joshua Arney and Gary Stinett, are opening their own clinic, Legacy Physical Therapy, to continue treatment of our adult population.  Compass will work in collaboration with Legacy moving forward for all of our long-standing and dedicated adult patients for a seamless transition.  Legacy Physical Therapy will also be located at 3825 Sullivan Street in Suite 2 to ensure continuity of care for our existing patients. 

After 13 years of providing physical therapy for all ages in Madison, it is a very exciting time as we journey forward into the future.  The move will allow Compass PT to add more treatment options for infants, tots, tweens and teens in all stages of development.  Special care must be taken in treating a developing body to ensure it is supplied with everything it needs to reach adulthood in a healthy state.  Compass Physical Therapy specializes in this exact type of pediatric care which is different from physical therapy for adults.  Treatment is not the same at all ages that is why it is essential for our youth to be treated by Physical Therapists who are specifically trained in this area! 

Compass PT will be adding new technology to allow us to expand in areas such as sensory integration, treatment of cerebral palsy and developmental delay.  In addition, we will be refreshing our allied health professional training seminars by offering continuing education courses right in the clinic.  Keeping in line with our community outreach tradition, we are exploring classes and support groups for parents as they navigate areas such as special needs, the healthy year-round athlete, and coping with sensory processing in the home.  Compass Physical Therapy will also be developing a program to bring play back to childhood through the Fitness Initiative with the goals of preventing injury and keeping the growing body healthy. 

Watch for more information from Legacy Physical Therapy as they launch their orthopedic clinic for adults.  The transition will occur through the month of August and will be complete by September 1st.  We at Compass PT have full confidence in Josh and Gary to carry on the rich tradition of physical therapy excellence focused on patient-centered care.  For those of you who have experienced this type of PT, you know all physical therapy clinics are not the same. 

For more information, please contact Compass Physical Therapy at 256.325.5400 or visit our website  Follow our progress on Facebook- or Twitter @PTCompassAL.  

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Amy - July 13th, 2018 at 10:13 PM
I think this is awesome! My daughter needed physical therapy with emphasis on some sensory needs. She worked with the therapists, particularly Josh as well as a few times with Stephanie, for several months. She always felt comfortable and at ease with the therapists, and often, if not always, enjoyed the therapy. Our pediatric physical therapy experience with Compass in its current structure was wonderful. I can only imagine what you will be able to do as you move forward in this new plan. Our family's best wishes for your success and the amazing benefit it will provide the community.
- July 13th, 2018 at 10:25 PM
Thank you for your well wishes, Amy! We are so glad you had a great experience at our clinic.

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