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Posted on January 8th, 2018

As we enter the new year, it is always a good idea to pause and take a glance at the rear view mirror.  Compass Physical Therapy will be celebrating year one under it's new name in April but the company as a whole has sustained a 12 years history of serving the Madison community.  In those twelve years, there has been much change- expansion and retraction, division and unity, new faces and familiar faces but with all of the ups and downs, our core principles and overall vision has remained unchanged.  

To recap, the company opened in 2005 under the name Eagle Rehab in a small clinic "upstairs" housing 2200 square feet.  Within 2 years, we had outgrown the space and moved to our current location downstairs in the same building into a significantly larger office, 5900 square feet, and expanded the practice to include pediatric therapy and massage therapy.  During the growth period, we had the privilege of hiring additional talented and compassionate physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.  In the name of progress over the next few years, we opened two additional clinics, one in Huntsville and one in Arab and with it additional staff to carry out our vision to more of the Tennessee Valley area.  Arab was a young and up-in-coming market so withing a few months, another company came along and offered to buy our new expansion. We seized the opportunity and returned to two locations extending pediatrics to both locations.  

During our tenure, the physical therapy market shifted with an explosion of physical therapy clinics in the Huntsville and Madison area.  Being one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, it was not surprising how rapid the expansion of our city was for all areas of industry and commerce.  For a time, we wondered if there would eventually be a PT clinic on every street corner!  By my count, eight additional physical therapy clinics have opened in the last 6-7 years in the Madison area alone.  The only service industry with as much growth as far as I can tell is urgent care clinics.  One seems to open every other day!  Despite the crowding of our market, we have stood firm in maintaining our vision and the patient-centered culture.  Things may have changed outside our doors, but our focus remains the same inside the clinic.  With the saturation of the market, we made the executive decision to consolidate our remaining two clinics to one, pool all of our efforts in one location.  

I attested success with longevity.   Sure, we have had turnover in some of our staff over the years but these days, that seems to be the norm.  With almost 90% of people staying less than 5 years at the same job, I feel fortunate that the vast majority of our employees have been with this company for 9+ years.  A patient said last week, "You always have good people here, even the new people."  Again, it is a vision, a culture, a mentality that we hold in the forefront of our minds at Compass Physical Therapy so when there is a job opening, you can be sure that we won't fill it with just anyone.  It has to be a team member cut from the same cloth, one who holds the values of patient care that is exceptional and beyond expectation.  One thing I can say with certainty, each and every one of our staff members goes the extra mile to provide a stellar customer service experience.  It is our daily routine.  

Looking ahead to the coming year, no matter what lies in the future, I know that the ideals of our company will remain unchanged regardless of the ups and possible downs that will inevitably come.  One thing that is for certain, we will remain your PT Compass to better health and wellness.  I invite you to experience who we are in 2018 for all of your physical therapy needs.  Experience the tradition of excellence that is Compass Physical Therapy. 

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